About Us

LuckyLou offers a special gifting experience! A range of modern accessories uniquely gift wrapped to excite and delight.

The LuckyLou concept reflects a 9 year gestation conceived from one lucky fortune cookie. Inspired by twins Hugo and Stella, their love for parties, friendships and activity it offers a range of accessories to help the moderm Miss & Mr. stand out and be noticed. I hope you enjoy and share the same excitment from every gift.

LuckyLou is also proud to provide modern hair accessories for schools and sport teams across Australia. We understand how feeling neat and tidy can provide that boost of confidence to start each day. Our modern sport styles add team spirit and sense of belonging ready for game day. We welcome you to choose from our designs or we can custom a style to suit your needs.


Email Michaela,  our founder,  for more information on how we can help build confidence and enjoyment to every student or team that wears our hair accessories.

E. michaela@luckylou.com.au